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Hello everyone on Newgrounds, I am helios485 (AKA: Corey N. Messenger, to those who know me IRL), artist, voice-actor, and animator (soon to be, anyway). I also do commissions for Art and Voiceover, so, don't hesitate to ask me to do either one.

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Hello everyone, I am helios485 (AKA: Corey N. Messenger, to those who know me IRL), and while I am a little new here on the scenes of Newgrounds, I am opening commissions for here on Newgrounds (in addition to other sites where I've also made such news like this, such as Deviantart, Twitter, and Tumblr, just to name a few examples, and also a few Discord Chatrooms that I happen to be a part of) starting today/tonight (depending on your local timezones). Anyway, most of you are probably asking yourselves the following questions...

"How much are these commissions worth?"

"How do I send the money to you?"

"Why should I hire you to do a commission for me?"

Very good questions to be sure, which is also why I have these 3 answers on standby...

  1. The information (along with some examples of what my works look like) on how much commissions are worth can be found on the following link https://www.deviantart.com/helios485/journal/I-am-doing-commissions-Update-805486498 , however (for those who would rather not venture to DA), the general gist is that I charge $5.00 for Sketches, $10.00 for Digitally Inked Sketches, $20.00 for Flat Colored Images (AKA: digital drawings that have no lighting/shading), and $40.00 for Full Color Images (AKA: digital drawings with lighting/shading). In addition to that, I also charge $5.00 for any additional characters (each) you'd like for me to draw (outside of the one you want me to draw), as well as $10.00 for detailed backgrounds (AKA: landscapes for the character of your choice to be drawn in, such as a forest, a meadow, a wasteland, etc.). As for how much voiceover commissions are worth, I charge $5.00 per line of dialogue.
  2. As far as receiving payment goes, I'd much rather prefer to be paid via. PayPal, to which I go by helios485@gmail.com
  3. Now this one is a big one right here, but one that I once again have an easy answer to. You should hire me to do a commission for you because (outside of making a webcomic), I am a very fast worker when it comes to what I am willing to draw (at least, compared to most artists either here on Newgrounds or even on DA), so once you make the payment upfront (which I highly recommend you do when hiring me to do a commission for you), I will get to work on it right away, and have it finished within a day (or week, depending what you ask me to draw).

Now, with all of this said and out of the way, don't hesitate to shoot me a PM and we can get started on what you may ask me to draw/voice.

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